Hi there!
This is the main focus of the site, where you’ll see regular updates on the various projects we’re working on posted up as we go.
one of the main reasons we have this is to maintain momentum on projects with a simple date driven production blog that covers all productions under one umbrella, this gives us the
freedom to swap focus from one production to another so we keep things moving along even if we are waiting for another productions script changes for example.
November 2010
Monday 15th November 2010
Created the web site in Xara Extreme
Extinction Event Armageddon: production update
Nov 15th: First pre sculpts
Nov 2010
Monday 15th November 2010
ABC project: wolf/dog/puppy sculpt
Sunday 21st November 2010
Venus Rises project:
Ongoing shots for post production of the science fiction show Venus Rises
Today, making a couple of shots of the asteroid mining ship performing a 180 degree turnabout
and then blast off at speed for a chase scene.
additional: sound design
created some effect sound design for Venus Rises using my Roland SH-01 synth
to make audio background effects such as missle launch, tracking, radar and
electric motors sound as well as engine area background hum.
Download Sound  Effects wav files in this zip
( radar, ping, electic motor, bg sounds)
21st November
Roland SH-01
Extinction Event Armageddon:
Character sculpt: Alison from polysphere in zbrush 4.0
28th November
Extinction Event Armageddon:
Character cut up test with motion capture file.
28th November
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