Venus Rises
Current productions:
1. Extintion Event Armageddon:
Full computer genterated sci-fi adventure about the invation of earth by aliens
Current Project Status: pre production and script writing
2. Outer Rim:
Computer generated fx for live action sci-fi horror feature with computer generated monster and computer
generated sets for the space station interior and exterior shots
Current Project Status: editing/post production
3. Venus Rises:
Computer generated fx for live action episodic sci-fi video with computer generated space scenes and effects.
Current Project Status: some episodes completed others in post production
4. ABC children’s book:
Illustrated children’s book with 3d sculpted animals representing each letter of the alphabet.
Current Project Status: in production creating the character sculpts
5. Children’s story book/short animated story
Current Project Status: in pre production/writing
6. Monster Pack:
Collection of 3d monsters for use in future sci-fi/horror productions
Current Project Status: in production
7. The ultimate game: [code name]
Cg feature film in early pre production, currently on hold for script restructuring
8. Ceres: sci-fi adventure
Current Project Status: early concept/scripting/storyboard
monster2u, home for computer generated
entertainment projects:
video, dvd, books and online entertainment.
current studio crew:
steve gilbert: 3d artist
poly: human relations
Interspace Episodes
Episode 1
Episode 2
Main Episodes
ep1 - Crossroads Part 1
ep2 - Freefall part 1
ep1 - Crossroads Part 2
ep2 - Freefall part 2
I came onboard the show’s production as of this episode
No CG effect work done by myself on this episode
except for the Martian surface in the title sequence.
Currently in post production